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Hawaiian Jungle Shield
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Second Skin Naturals™ Kauai grown Hawaiian Jungle Shield™ is an All-Natural Hawaiian Herbal body care product that contains NO DEET and is excellent for the skin! ALL NATURAL HERBAL OUTDOOR SKIN CARE with the added benefits of soothing (bites, itches, sunburn, irritations, etc.), moisturizing and cleansing the skin the way nature intended.

Our Hawaiian Jungle Shield™ is All-Natural and Doctor recommended for babies, children, pregnant mothers, the elderly and those with chemical sensitivities.

Second Skin Naturals™ Hawaiian Jungle Shield™ is a unique and innovative formulation of Kauai Spring Water, Hawaiian Herbs, Plant Extracts, and Pure Essential Oils.

Natural ingredients stimulate the body’s own amazing power to restore balance and produce healthy, beautiful, radiant skin. The best natural skin care products are made from fresh natural ingredients: pure plant, herb, and fruit extracts, cold pressed base oils, and pure essential oils.
Your skin will absorb the greatest nutritional and mineral value from these natural ingredients. With regular use, you can see real improvements in your skin's appearance and natural glow from the use of healthy pure ingredients.

The Hawaiian Herbs and Plant Extracts in our products are Organically Grown and support Sustainable Organic Agriculture in Hawaii.

The fresh Hawaiian Herbal scent is very pleasant, discreet and non-offensive to the environment as well as those in it. The 3oz. Hawaiian Jungle Shield is compact, durable, Airline carry-on approved and recyclable.

Hawaiian Jungle Shield™ contains no DEET. It is completely DEET free, All Natural and 100% Vegan.

Ingredients Include: Kauai Spring Water, Organic Kauai Neem, Organic Noni, Organic Aloe, Lemon Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Lavendar, Organic Soy Oil, Jojoba, Organic Grapefruit Seed Extract

With our Hands, For Your Health... Mahalo Nui Loa! Malama 'Aina!

Second Skin Naturals

Extra Strength Solid Gold Salve

2SN Extra Strength Solid Gold Salve is the new concentrated version of the Hawaiian Jungle Shield. It was created with the intent to have more staying power on the skin, with the added benefit of being more water resistant. Ingredients include: Organic Kauai Neem, Kauai Beeswax, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Soybean Oil, Jojoba and our 2SN Essential Oil blend. $14.95/Each

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